Covid-19 Response

At G-House the well-being of the residents is our top priority

Based upon guidance from public health officials and campus leadership, the G-House Live-in Community Manager will support safe practices and good judgment.  

The G-House Community                

•    Limited size co-ed group

•    Primarily single occupancy bedrooms

•    Bathrooms individually assigned

•    Access by non-residents controlled


Screen at Dining/Study Table

Study Carrels

Protected areas to study and relax           

•    Garden courtyard for al fresco activity 

•    Individual carrel desks in the Study 

•    Individually screened space for Dining & Study 

•    Screened kitchen work area 

•    Use of common areas per current distancing guidance

•    Face covering as appropriate in common areas

Cleaning & Hygiene

•    Professional cleaning of common & high traffic areas.

•    Hand sanitizer stations at entry

•    Furnace air filtered through virus resistant electrostatically charged MERV 11 filters.

Screen at Kitchen Table