Gorrill House
2727 Dwight Way

Fully booked thru May 2020
Picture of the house

Gorrill House, situated four blocks south of the UC campus at 2727 Dwight Way, is a 16-bedroom, 5-bath coed residence offering accommodation in private or shared rooms. The house is a beautiful historic landmark building that has been converted to a private residence hall. Amenities include:

Dining: Gorrill House does not offer a meal plan. Students have the option of purchasing a meal plan at a nearby University Dining Hall or preparing their own food in the large and well equipped kitchen.

Room Fee:  Academic Year  Fall-Spring 2019-20
     Single $16,800 per person  
     Double $13,800 per person  

Deposit: In addition to the room fee we require a refundable security deposit. Academic Year $1500.

The Gorrill House Contract for Residence is modeled after the UC Residence Hall Contract and has many of the same Terms and Conditions of Residence, particularly those guidelines regarding conduct. Please note that Gorrill House is a non-smoking house and a Quiet Environment, as defined by the University.

To Apply: Complete Gorrill House Application for Residence and submit as directed.